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Marketing is like sex

Marketing is like sex. Only desperate people pay for it.

I heard this saying a few years ago. It stuck with me. According to whoever said that quote, I am also desperate. Because even though I am working within a specific area of marketing, it does not come for free.

How about you? Do you pay for your marketing?

Let me turn this question around.

Why would you not pay for marketing?

  1. Because it’s expensive?
  2. Because you are unsure about where to start?
  3. Because a marketing agency has burnt you in the past?  You have paid for it, but you got nothing in return?

The good news is marketing can be free.

And even if you pay for it, you are not considered desperate, whatever that saying was stating. In fact, the opposite is true. Smart people pay for their marketing.

But do not feel bad. Even if you do not pay for marketing, you can still be smart:

  1. If you are creative enough, marketing can be free, and you will only pay for it with your time
  2. It is about more than just paid ads because marketing is much more diverse than that. Read my What is marketing article here.
  3. Don’t pay for advertisements, then! Communicate on social media for free! Post, comment, or write a blog. Let your potential customers see that your business is “alive”.

Though I am guilty of this because I do not do it, I read another quote the other day that also stuck with me:

Great marketing is about showing up. Everyday.

So, as business owners, we must maintain people’s attention until we are ready to put some money into our marketing communication.

We must stay on top of our potential customers’ minds.

The main point of this post would have been to emphasise just that!

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Thank you for reading my post.

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