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What social media to use?

Are you trying to decide what social channels to choose? When it comes to deciding about social channels for a business, there are two things most people are not clear about. At all… 

The First thing.

Producing content to ANY social media channels involves two factors: 

  • the job of a creative, and 
  • the job of an executor. 

Creatives and executors are not the same.

And these two traits in the same person rarely exist. Let alone in someone who is 110% occupied with running their business on a day-to-day basis or as a secondary job, that is the small business owner.

What is the difference between a creative and an executor?

The creative conceptualises ideas that are aligned with the brand. 

The executor is someone who can produce the content (e.g., posts, photos, videos, and graphics) based on creative ideas. 

Example: If you have ever needed to create a handful of Facebook posts in advance, you understand exactly what I refer to. And that only touches posting, which mostly involves two things, writing copy and selecting a photo. I did not even touch the subject of creating creative photos, or videos, or actually making the post look good with the use of graphic design.

These are two different jobs. 

People confuse the above, and they think that:

  • ideas do not take effort.
  • ideas are cheap and easy.
  • ideas take little time. 

And the truth is,

coming up with ideas takes time.

Sometimes a LOT of time.

We are surrounded by confusing marketing messages. People suggest all kinds of things to us, business owners:

  • Be on TikTok, ’cause the outreach rate is insane.
  • Without Facebook, you do not even exist online.
  • You need Youtube, it is the second biggest search engine after Google.

And while the above statements are mostly true, I would think twice about what I want to achieve.

What is the end goal here? – one should ask.

And based on that, I would commit myself to one or more channels.

I would also ask myself: How committed can I be to my “new” channel? 

At the beginning of this article I wrote, “there are two things most people are not clear about, when it comes to deciding about social channels for a business“. 

Here it is;

The second thing.

Most people are not aware of the fact that:

any social media channel works.

This statement is only true however if that social media channel is practised well. So, it does not matter which one you choose as long as you put in 100% commitment towards the ones you choose.

Thank you for reading my post.

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