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One-Page vs. Multi-Page Websites?

What could be the best choice for your business?

When it comes to website design, one of the first decisions you will face is whether to go for a sleek, single-page website or a more traditional multi-page site. It’s like choosing between a speedboat and a yacht. Each serves different purposes and creates different experiences.

In hospitality, your website’s the front door to your business. Are you laying out the welcome mat with a sleek, one-page site, or giving them the grand tour with a multi-page setup?

The decision between a one-page and a multi-page website should be driven by the unique goals and characteristics of your business.

While one-page sites can be incredibly effective for storytelling, simplicity, and ease of maintenance, they often fall short in terms of SEO and content depth. On the other hand, multi-page sites excel in search engine visibility and allow for a more comprehensive presentation of information, which can be crucial for businesses with diverse products or services.

SEO Considerations

Why More Pages Might Mean More Visibility?

  • Multi-page websites offer better SEO opportunities. Each page is a hook in the sea of Google searches, targeting different keywords and audiences.

If you’re aiming to rank high on Google, think of each page on your website like a fishing hook in the ocean. More pages mean more hooks, each tailored to catch a specific type of fish (or, in this case, a specific search query). Single-page sites might look neat, but they have fewer hooks in the water.

User Experience Matters

Single Page for Simplicity, Multi-Page for Depth.

  • One-page sites are like a direct flight: quick and straightforward, perfect for single products or services.
  • Multi-page sites are like a road trip with multiple stops: more to explore, ideal for businesses with a range of offerings.

It’s all about what your audience needs. If you’re showcasing a single product or service, a one-page site can be like a well-organized brochure, leading visitors smoothly from one section to another. But for more complex businesses, multiple pages can offer a clearer, more detailed path, like a well-labelled map guiding them to the treasure they seek.

Perceived Quality and Brand Image

First Impressions Count

  • A multi-page website can signal a more established, in-depth business like a fine dining establishment, suggesting a certain prestige and substance.
  • A one-page site, sleek and modern, might imply simplicity but can feel limited for some.

First impressions count. A multi-page site can feel like a grand mansion with many rooms to explore, potentially conveying a sense of depth and richness. On the other hand, a single-page site can be like a modern, minimalist apartment – stylish and convenient, but might leave some visitors wanting more.

Advertising and Conversion Efficiency

The Right Door for Your Audience

  • For ads, specific landing pages (common in multi-page setups) guide users precisely where you want them.
  • One-page sites can be less effective for targeted advertising campaigns, as they require more navigation.

Think of your ads as doorways. With a single-page site, you’re asking visitors to enter through one door and find their way around. It’s fine if what they need is right there, but if not, they might leave. Multi-page sites allow you to create specific landing pages, like having multiple doors leading directly to the room they’re interested in.


As a rule of thumb:
the key is to understand your target audience and your business objectives.

Are you focusing on storytelling and brand experience? A one-page site might be your choice. Are you aiming to maximize your online visibility and cater to varied user needs? Then a multi-page approach could be the way to go. It’s all about finding the right tool for the job, and in the world of web design, one size definitely does not fit all.

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