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Marketing jargon – a quick glossary of acronyms

Have you ever been confused when discussing marketing with someone, perhaps your marketer, and needed clarification when they asked about your USP, for example?

Or what CMS are you using? Do you have PPC ads running? How do you measure your LTV? Do you use CTA on every page of your website? And so on…

In this post, I have covered the most common marketing gibberish – I was going to say “acronyms”. You will read about some social media terms, content marketing terms, website optimisation terms, and general marketing terms.

Constant Updates:
Lastest on the 7. June 2024.


ABM – account-based marketing
AI – artificial intelligence
AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action (a copywriting structure)
API – application programming interface
APM – application performance management
ARPU – average revenue per user
ARR – annual recurring revenue
ASAP – as soon as possible
ATF – above the fold


B2B – business to business
B2C – business to consumer
BOFU – bottom of the funnel
BR – bounce rate


CAC – customer acquisition cost
CLV – customer lifetime value
CMS – content management system
COS –  content optimisation system
CPA – cost per acquisition
CPC – cost per click
CPL – cost per lead
CPM – cost per 1000 impressions
CPV – cost per view
CRM – customer relationship management
CRO – conversion rate optimisation
CTA – call to action
CTR – click-through rate
CV – computer vision


DIY – do it yourself
DTC – direct to consumer
DFY – done for you
DWY – done with you


EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness
EEAT – Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness
EMD – Enterprise data management 
ERP – enterprise resource planning
ESP – email service provider


FOMO – fear of missing out
FMCG – fast-moving consumer goods


GADS – Google Ads
GA – Google Analytics


HoReCa – Hotel / Restaurant / Cafe, Catering


ICP – ideal customer profile


KPI – key performance indicators
KW – keyword


LFG – let’s f*cking go
LTV : CAC – the ratio of lifetime value (LTV) to customer acquisition cost (CAC)
LTV – lifetime value


ML – machine learning
MOFU – middle of the funnel
MQL – marketing qualified lead
MRR – monthly recurring revenue


NPS – net promoter score


PLG – product-led growth
PPC – pay per click


ROAS – return on advertising spend
ROI – return on investment


SaaS – software as a service
SEM – search engine marketing
SEO – search engine optimisation
SLA – service level agreement
SMB – small-to-medium business
SMM – social media marketing


TOFU – top of the funnel


UGC – user-generated content
UI – user interface
USP – unique selling point
UX – user experience


WAGMI – we are all gonna make it
WIIFM – what’s in it for me
WOM – word-of-mouth
WWYD – what would you do
WTF – what your first few months will look like while learning these 😉

Original photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels & modified by me.