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How to index websites on Google?

Do you do updates on your website?

Have you been changing some pages?
Or added new ones?

Perhaps you recently started writing blogs?

Maybe your contact details have changed.

Or have you done on-site SEO on a page?

Either way, you have made changes to your website, and Google has not ” seen” it yet. What does it mean to you? You need to get those pages indexed for Google to see them.

The pros at Google states it is unnecessary to request page indexing because, eventually, Google bots will crawl your page. Again. Because they always do. But this might take weeks. Perhaps months. If you do not want to wait, I will tell you how to request indexing.

What is Crawling or Page indexing?

Crawling is a process Google does to find new things or updates that need to be added to Google. The Google crawling engine comes to your site and crawls (requests) all pages. The terms “crawl” and “index” are often used interchangeably.

If you are unclear about indexing, let me explain it with an example.

You have a website where you sell red apples. 
Google bot comes and scans your site.
Now it knows, red apples are sold on your site.
When someone on the net searches for red apples, since Google knows where to find them, it pulls up your site from its’ catalogue of pages and will show your page to those who want red apples in their Google Search.
Now, let’s say you update your website.
You changed red apples to green apples. 
Until Google does not crawl your site again, it still thinks you are selling red apples. 
Right here is where a new indexing request comes in handy.

How do you request new website indexing?

  1. Login to Google Search Console.
  2. On the left menu, click on URL Inspection
  3. Enter the URL in the window on the top.
  4. It will run its’ thing.
  5. When results showed up and all checkmarks were green,
  6. Click on Request Indexing.
  7. That was it.

After a successful Google Indexing has been requested

After a successful Google Indexing has been requested

Now we let Google do its’ thing. Should there be a problem, Google will notify you on the Gmail address you used to log into Search Console.

Thank you for reading my post.

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