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Elements of a good landing page

Have you ever needed to build a Landing page?

The information below can be helpful for those with their own website. Although the title says “elements of a landing page”, one can use these principles creatively to structure their website.

When you work on a landing page, make sure you include the following elements:

  • Simple design
  • Strong headline
  • Strong CTA
  • Great offer & Strong guarantee
  • Call out your audience
  • Tons of proof
  • Benefits across the page
  • FAQ section
  • Urgency/Scarcity
  • Unique promise
  • Testimonials
  • Visual outcome
  • Chat option

Read about these points in detail below.

Simple design:

Your copy sells your offer. And your design sells your copy. So keep your design simple and focused on readability.

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In your website design, use: Subheads, white space, bullet points, short paragraphs, and single, narrow columns. Also, a font designed for the screen you built (this does not mean using custom-designed fonts. Stick to well-designed fonts to match the theme of the business/website).

Use 1 Sans & 1 Serif font. Stick to 2-3 colour tops and utilise those colours to make certain aspects stand out.

Strong headline:

With your communication, try “talking” to different personality types. Some viewers only skim through the content, some read the fine details too, some look at the visuals, and some want all these simultaneously.

Based on that, here is an easy and effective headline structure:

  • Preheader (state problem),
  • Main headline (promise to solve it),
  • Subhead (prove you can).

Bonus idea: if you have a strong testimonial, show it. Even use it as your headline.

Strong CTA:

Use CTA buttons with benefits: Instead of “more info”, use “read the benefits”, “make a phone call, click here”, or “get the product before it’s gone”.

It will strengthen your CTA and guide prospects’ decision-making by “giving them a nudge”.

Add a proof element directly under the CTA.

E.g., you can:

  • Highlight the number of customers who have already purchased,
  • Show known brands you’ve worked with,
  • Feature a testimonial about how buying was the right decision.

Great offer & Strong guarantee:

You must convey your message within 7 seconds
as soon as someone lands on your site.

Word your copy as if you would talk to a seventh grader. Do not complicate things with hard words. Avoid sounding smart. Be clear instead.

Quantify your claims as much as possible.

You want to use: Time, Money, Weight, and Percent.

E.g., You can achieve a 5% increase over the next 6 weeks.

Call out your audience:

Be specific about who you are speaking to. “Attention: Hospo business owners” or “Are you a passionate business owner in hospitality just like me?” Use a positive label you can assign to your ideal target audience; they will resonate with that. Aim to connect with them quickly and early on in the page. It is vital.

Tons of proof:

Back up your claims where possible.

Look for specific sections within your testimonials. In your online profiles, such as Google Business, Facebook, OTAs, Tripadvisor or other areas. Use these testimonials creatively.

Benefits across the page:

Benefits can increase the perceived value of your product or service offer.

These are NOT features! Features are things. Benefits are actions, outcomes, and transformations.

Communicate clear before/after transformations.

FAQ section:

Try finding questions your target audiences would type into Google.

If you can, note what your customers ask you all the time. Online or in real life. Read your reviews on all platforms where yours are present.


  • Get it before it is gone.
  • Limited stock.
  • The current price is only valid until the end of this week.
  • Buy now or miss out.
  • While supplies last.
  • We will increase the current price by tomorrow.
  • You may use a countdown clock.

Unique promise: 

Your offer (including the headlines and the body copy) should be written to a specific group of people. It should explain the end result and the timeframe within which they will receive it. 


I have mentioned this in the ‘Tons of proof’ section above.

Use video testimonials if you can. That works the best.

Visual outcome:

Use images: people take in data faster when visually presented. 

Chat option:

If you can, use a bot; if not, add a simple chat option where customers can immediately reach out to you (or your business). 

Messenger, for example, does that. It is free.

A bonus tip.

No off-page navigation:

  • No menus.
  • No footer.
  • No links. 
  • Nothing, except CTA!

Let’s say you take them away from the landing page to show them more testimonials (within your site, of course). Even then, ensure you keep visitors in a closed loop. You either “offer” them a call to action or an exit.

And final, do I have to add the following? 

You must have a:

• Responsive design 

• Fast load speed.

I hope not, as this should be standard practice for years.

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Thank you for reading my post.

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Original Image by Pascal Renet on Pexel & modified by me.