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Can one create a website for free? Of course.

I am writing this article for those who want to build their website themselves. I want to give them hands-on tips on what to prepare for.

The truth is, whatever other people say. Building a website, you can do it practically free. You can make it yourself, so it will not cost you much. But it will cost you time.

For a well-built website, your time should be invested in the following areas:

  • You should invest time in learning copywriting rules and tactics.
  • You should invest time learning basic design principles (learn the importance of layout, fonts, colours, graphic design, and photography).
  • You should invest time learning human/customer psychology to structure your site.
  • You should learn how to use any CMS (Shopify, Wix, WordPress, Webflow etc.)
  • You should invest time learning basic SEO (so your site will appear in searches).
  • And you should also invest time learning the basics about hosting, domains and email accounts.

After learning all these, a few months later, your well-built and optimised site is ready.

Great job!

Now you have something (your website) nobody knows about.

It is time for marketing.

Now get ready because you will also do the same learning curve with marketing for months and years.

Marketing is vital because, with its help, you can tell the world about your website.

Otherwise, without marketing, your website, which you have invested months already to build, is just a star in the sky lost in the internet void.

A natural question or challenge arises. What marketing do you need?

Marketing is a fascinating subject. Marketing is very complex, and most people do not even know how complex it is. Here is a taster about how vast the field of marketing is. (see attached picture)

Do you see?! A few years passed by. But you have built an excellent website entirely free.

Considering all the above, I personally charge around 1500 for a basic website for my clients because I consider and include all the above when building a website.

Now. After reading the above, that 1500 for a website seems cheap, doesn’t it?

Follow this blog as I share hands-on marketing tips with readers that I find helpful.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Image credit Dany Kurniawan Pexels and modified by me.