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Favourite photos I’ve captured in New Zealand [gallery]

I wanted to share a very limited selection of my favourite photos I took in New Zealand.

Titahi-bay on a stromy day. Captured with long exposure.

Kaikoura coastline, South Island. I took this photo after a beach cookout. I painted the tree this red colour using the car’s brake light.

Matarangi wharf, North Island. Rainy, cloudy day with a long expo. I love the black and white imagery.

Matarangi Spit with The Dunes Golf Resort. We were lucky enough to live here for 4 years. The picture was taken from a helicopter with my favourite 17mm wide-angle lens.

On the way to Cape Palliser near Wellington. It is the southernmost point of the North Island. It’s a wonderful drive.

We went hiking a lot. Of course, we always stopped to look at the waterfalls on the way for photos. This was taken at Te Reinga Falls near Gisborne (North Island).

Tolaga Bay, north of Gisborne. We always came back here. The place has become one of our favourites with this several hundred meters long jetty. The picture was taken on the way, when were moving from Hanmer Springs (South Island) to Matarangi (North Island).

I’ve been here many times from Wellington. Ocean beach was one of my favourite places to take photos. It was an hour and a half drive from Wellington, but the place captured me, so it was worth it. I like dramatic pictures.

I had a photo assignment for The Cut golf magazine. This image is of the sunset on The Dunes Golf Club in Matarangi which was later used in the printed magazine.

Wellington, in the morning of 25th December. Everyone is celebrating Christmas, and the streets are empty. The city is magical at this time. I walked the streets alone to make cityscapes. There was not a soul around me. The different building styles caught my attention here.

On the way to Milford sound. It has been raining for days, and hundreds and hundreds of waterfalls appear on the more than 1 km tall rock walls. You don’t see this kind of thing every day.

One of our favourite places is Castle Point. We went camping there a lot. Captain Cook named the place after the prominent rock formation in the background.

A typical picture. A tractor that previously hauled a ship is awaiting its owner’s return from the sea. This place is Mahia Peninsula. I love this place. We went back there a few times too.

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